My lovely Enemy

from Bonn Sessions by HomoSuperSapiens

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Both are we dangerous, pretty!
Don’t stand among us,
neither I will stand among yours!
Now watch me and don’t get nervous!

I could be you, you could be me.
If you call me, call me enemy!
I’ll play my role immediately.
No friendly delivery service.

For further questions
fight me!
love me!
hate me!
bite me!
pay me!
rank me!

It’s all possible my man.
Nowadays we are noticeable.
we can
be respectable,
we can
be exceptable,
anything you wantable
and we can be for free.


My lovely enemy,
you’ll have to stay my enemy?

Should we kill each other?
Or should we pay each other?
Should we lay each other?
Should we call each other brother?
Should we know each other?
Should we follow each other?
Should we forget each other
till the next time we call each other sister?

My enemy!
If you are not for free
can I get you for some money?
Can I get you for some blood?
Maybe for some piece of heart?
Love is never too late.
But let’s fix that business straight!
So we can make some stones roll,
souls howl,
evolution implode.


My lovely enemy,
you’ll have to stay my enemy?


You could be one
of my dearest here
but you are far
so far away.

You are out
and never will be in
cause I want
you to be there.

I just want to loose my fear.
I just want to have success.
I just want to use my power.
And I need more of it.

You're a good enemy.
That's what you'll have to be.
The way I like it baby
until the end of it.

Religion is off.
Money is on air, on duty all live long.

Producing war in heaven,
peace in hell,
singin a holy song.

Ready to kill each other
and our people too beause we’re strong.

But beneath of all is love.
That’s where we all are coming from!


My lovely enemy,
you’ll have to stay my enemy?


Hey take your sunglasses off!
Select your favourite weapons baby!
I’m gon’ beat you up.

You and I we aren’t lovely at all,
we’re ready to bomb,
ready to stomp down everything that’s left.
Mmhh help me sing it!

Hey take your sunglasses off!
Wanna see your eyes now baby
before i’m killin you!

You and I we aren’t cool at all.
We’re kind of hysterical, we’re kind of mysterical,
far too cynical.
Mmhh help me sing it!


My lovely enemy,
you’ll have to stay my enemy?


from Bonn Sessions, released June 10, 2018
Vocals: Tuncay Acar
Guitar: Max Keller
Bass: Florian Laber
Drums: Fabian Füss
Keys and Sampler: Guillaume "Ke" Blondeau
Baritone Sax: Franz Brunner
Trumpet: Franziska Ott
Backing Vocals: Kokutekeleza Musebeni
Lyrics: Tuncay Acar
Composition: Fabian Füss,Tuncay Acar, Max Keller, Guillaume "Ke" Blondeau, Florian Laber
Produced by Guillaume "Ke" Blondeau,
Coproduced by Felix Occhionero and Tuncay Acar (2013)
Mastered by Michael Heilrath (Bereich03)


all rights reserved



HomoSuperSapiens Munich, Germany

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